Pig of a day!

It’s the oddest stories that capture people’s imagination. Like the micro pigs at the Lake District Wildlife Park at Bassenthwaite. Though seeing me pushed around by two huge pigs in an attempt to give some scale to the micro pigs is kind of amusing I guess. Thanks so much to the news desk for giving me the heads up that that’s what I would be doing on Friday (they didn’t!) I really wouldn’t have worn a skirt or a good coat and would have had my own wellies with me had I been forewarned. Anyway, the micro pigs are the genuine article, the only UK breeding herd in the country. And they are very friendly and really quite sweet. Though how ANYONE can think they make a good house pet is beyond me. I guess I’ll be walking into places and having people wrinkle their noses and tell me they can smell pig for a while to come. Yes I did get covered in mud (but have showered long since), yes I was somewhat cautious around the big pigs. And no, it hasn’t stopped me eating bacon sandwiches!

Cumbria Wildlife Park
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