Sept 2012

New Beginnings

So here I am, embarking on married life with my new husband and trying to coordinate a house move for two adults, two teenagers and all the stuff that comes with us.

I admit I’m finding it a bit stressful and we haven’t even got to the stage of packing up. I have never sold a house before but my other half has bought and sold lots of property here in the UK and on the other side of the world. He seems ridiculously calm despite telling me how much can still go wrong even though we have found our dream home and secured a deal. Aaaargh! Not thinking about it, not thinking about it, just not thinking about it…..

There are so many forms to fill in for buying and selling property, hundreds of questions to answer, thousands of bits of paper to find – well, that’s how it feels though I may be slightly given to exaggeration! Then there’s finding time to try and imagine life in the new place and working out where our various possessions and bits of furniture might go….. But! It is also exciting and thrilling. Though I fear it will periodically interrupt my sleep for a few months yet.

I am several weeks into life as Mrs J. The wedding was perfect right down to the glorious sunshine we enjoyed for most of the day. As you can see, wearing a wedding dress didn’t stop me from carrying out everyday tasks…..I don’t usually smile so much when bringing in the bins mind you!

Armathwaite Hall Hotel was the perfect venue. With just immediate family and a handful of close friends on hand to witness our exchanging of vows, it was exactly as we hoped it would be. It was such an emotional day. Not least for DJ who got his bride AND his favoured Timothy Taylor’s beer. Hope you like the picture. Talk about been there, done it, got the t-shirt!

Hope you like the look of the new refreshed website….